Dear employer,

My name is Nikoloz Dzutsov.

I am a head of two recruiting companies: Ukrainian Nikoloz-job and Finnish companies Ujut Oy. The only thing I want to add is that the basic principle of my work is honesty and truthfulness. Communication with each employee personally has led to good results for my partners. Permanent monitoring of work of my employees for their future employers has led to successful and rewarding result.

For any employer and business owner the main problem is search for decent, hard-working employees. So, the basis of our work is smart and clear recruitment of personnel for you. More than 2000 employees have been given employment by my company already. Good relationship with each employee leads to constant appeal of permanent and reliable workers to us and our dear employers again and again.

My motto has always been “We are not the only company, we are reliable”.

Regards, Nikoloz Dzutsov

About the company

Nikoloz-job and Ujut OY are recruiting companies. Since 2010 the main line of work of Nikoloz-job has been organisation of workers from Ukraine for agricultural work to the Republic of Finland. Finnish company Ujut Oy has been specialised in purchase and sale of berries on the territory of Finland since 2003.

Specialisation of our companies is recruitment of workers from Ukraine in the area of agriculture and

otherwise. Our advantage is that owing to two companies located in different countries we prevent our business partners and future workers from dishonest attitude and fraud by many agencies.

We thoroughly recruit personnel from the date of conclusion of an agreement on the territory of Ukraine

to the date of arrival to Finland. More than 60% of workers appeal to use again, which, in turn, provides our partners both in Finland and on the EU territory with reliable workers. And owing to well coordinated work of our company both in Ukraine and on the territory of Finland we provide hard-working, honest, and most importantly efficient workers. More than 500 people annually are employed by our employers not only on the territory of Finland and on the territory of other EU countries.

1) Do you need a worker?

You don’t know how and where to find him, do you?

You need an employee from Ukraine, but you don’t speak the language to negotiate, do you?

Do you need reliable and experienced workers in agricultural industry for work on a farm?

Our team will help you to solve these tasks!

2) We are an important element – chain between us and your future employees (workers). We have a large database of permanent employees having work experience in agriculture.

3) Our companies have all official documents required to carry out this activity both in Ukraine and Finland. It will prevent you and your future employees from many risks from illegal entities and individuals.

4) Our team has more than 10 years’ experience in supervision and organisation of workers from Ukraine. There are experienced team leaders in our database, who can visit the workplace within the shortest possible time and check the work of our workers and correct or instruct them.

5) We take up negotiations with our future workers, because there are qualified interpreters speaking both Finnish and English in our team.

6) We prepare a full set of documents for our workers and accompany them to embassies. It makes it easier for future employees to open visas and other permits for travel abroad.